Committed to safety of our facilities and processes, we ensure strict compliance with domestic and international legal regulations, as well as international cyber security and coding standards. Our activities are guided by corporate policies that define the ways of managing business, staff and customer relations.

Code Quality

Seeking to achieve code readability, maintainability and testability, we utilize SonarQube, CheckStyle, PMD, StyleCop and other code quality inspection tools, whilst adhering to SQALE source code evaluation and performing manual code reviews.


AlgoComputing picks up emerging innovations, defining their market applicability and capturing potential opportunities for customers’ revenue growth. With that, we continuously improve the way we conduct our day‑to‑day business and enhance our technology skillset.


When producing software, Algocomputing addresses security measures throughout the SDLC, adhering to security standards including OWASP, PCI‑DSS, HIPAA and ISO/IEC 27001, commonly accepted Secure Coding Guidelines and continuous security testing.



With headquarter located in the New Delhi India, we adapt easily to your timetable. Regardless of location, we guarantee brisk responsiveness through multiple communication channels.


Our approach combines the best aspects of Lean and Scrum to foster on‑demand scalability and agility. We are ready to adapt development processes to your schedule and requirement shifts at any project stage, whilst keeping the cost of change down.

Risk Mitigation

Our risk management policy ensures safe and predictable relationships providing a set of practices for identification and elimination of software risks before they become threats to successful software operation or a major source of expensive rework.

Engagement Models

  Fixed Price

Fixed budget and deadline. AlgoComputing covers all project risks.

  Time & Materials

Project budget is based on efforts actually spent, and can be adjusted to the changing needs for time and resources.

  Dedicated Team

You assemble the team of professionals with required qualifications, taking full control over project progress and budget scheme.



The product is developed out of your premises. You benefit from a large pool of AlgoComputing's specialists at hand, an easily scaled team and absence of infrastructure expenditures. More than 60% of our clients prefer remote development.


AlgoComputing's team is deployed onsite for as long as it is necessary for a successful completion of the project. Set up an on-demand IT department or augment the existing one avoiding the need of hiring permanent staff.


By choosing a combination of remote and on-site development, you take advantage of excellent communication links with on‑site members and lower development prices for remote works.

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