Education and learning is the only sector which touches every single individual dwelling on the earth. There is a noticeable outgrowth noticed within this sector in the recent years throughout globe. This business keeps on growing and creating new ventures for schools,colleges,universities and setting up of institutions that could impart the education and learning requirements within the modern society. Education sector revolves around the following fields

  •   Academic
  •   Administrative
  •   E-Learning
  •   Elementary Education
  •   Corporate Relations
  •   Formal/Informal Education

Educators, institutes, schools, colleges, universities and corporates need to line up their learning goals with scaling digitalized education to provide content across several devices for optimum reach and impact. Nurture and encourage young minds with the power of modern age smart learning solutions. Technology has changed the actual feature of the education and learning sector. Technological improvements have shifted the momentum to push education and learning beyond boundaries and develop flexible ways of online-learning segments through virtual class rooms. Online studying (or e-learning) is the new avenue in the education industry. The e-learning not just offers cost savings for education providers, but also nurtures efficient and successful training for education/knowledge seekers.

AlgoComputing employs years of experience in the education sector in addition to readiness of domain experts to offer custom-made e-learning and academic solutions to help education and learning sector to improve their workforce overall performance, efficiency and increase their consumer satisfaction. Our adaptive learning management approach offers collaborative white board and impressive learning tools that provides highly successful instructional programs for holistic learning. It also allows checking progress, time invested on relevant activities, projects and much more with a unified interface access. Our agile delivery strategy provides abilities to the clients to deliver out of the box e-learning experience for the end users. We provide technologies paramount flexible e-learning solutions that enables the end-user to have flexible control and interfaces within their hands to conceive unmatched experience associated with online learning

Online E-Learning System

End User Relationship Management

Virtual Classroom System

Examination Management System

Web/Mobile Applications

Course Management System

Donation Management System

Student Management System

Performance Management System

  •  Unique User Experience:

    We craft unique customer experience through our innovative UI/UX designs, development and experience driven approach that envelopes effective service, unified functionality and user friendly effective solutions to establish strong relationship with the end-users.

  •  Mobility in Education:

    Our education mobility solutions are focused on encouraging students and training seeker to get involved in the study in efficient manner. Moreover, we empower the faculty to come up with an innovative teaching methodologies and enables management to handle both students and faculty in systematic manner.

  •  Interactive and Responsive Personnel:

    Our team works as per your convenience and provides the prompt and proactive interactive support and response in timely manner.

  •  Online Engagement:

    Our online e-learning solutions enables end users to take advantage of the diversified digital media technologies such as video, audio, animation and photograph. Our solutions also engage with the process that requests user-involvement and integrates over social media capabilities like Twitter and Facebook.

  •  Skilled Professionals:

    AlgoComputing has a team of highly talented professional experts who have experience and are well versed with the state of art in delivering the high-quality solutions to our clients.

  •  Best Practices Adherence:

    Our solutions and services are built using best practices based on industry expertise, experience, adoption of latest technologies and innovations.

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