The tourism industry is experiencing a sturdy growth worldwide and driven by the burgeoning in high spending tourists and travelers. The tourism industry is significant and vibrant and almost every nation is competing to become major global destination. Economic growth has added millions annually out of this industry. If the travel and hospitality industry's life-cycle is analyzed, then we can notice that the rapid changes that have taken place to enhance the experience in this sector is typically the IT factor. Nearly every tourist in the world today use the technological innovation for everything ranging right from booking to check-out, from meta-search to peer-to-peer feedback, the hotel bookings, sight seeing planning, traveling, transportation and so on. The travel industry is dominated by online bookings through desktops, mobile smart phones and by means of other electronic devices are exceedingly proclaiming huge share in the market of this business. Every player associated with this sector in the competitive marketplace environment want to be able to leverage digital technology to meet the guest's expectations simply by serving them with quality and unparalleled experience.

AlgoComputing offers a range of web solutions and services to the travel & hospitality sector. These solutions reflect the evolution of the travel & hospitality landscape and are designed based on the latest technologies

Enterprise Resource Planning

Customer Relationship Management

Hotel & Airline Booking Management System

Assets (Car/Bike) Rental Management System

Billing and Payments

Reservation Management System

Sales Performance Management

Tourism Bureaus Management System

Catering Procurement

  •  Revenue Building:

    Our online hospitality solutions assists tourism players to increase tourist inflows, improved guest experience, enhanced staff productivity and discover new channels of service delivery with utmost satisfaction.

  •  Cost Efficient:

    Our services and solutions allows our client to have lower operational costs and reduced errors which paves the way for success in the travel industry.

  •  Marketing and Branding:

    AlgoComputing with its technological solutions allows you to promote and publish your business offerings in a customized manner and to target specific audience groups.

  •  Customized Solutions:

    We render custom solution suits best to your business needs that improves your operational efficacy, reduce operational expenses and build long lasting relations with your guests. Our solutions utilize various technologies including mobile, wireless and Internet, that gives you an advantage over your competitors.

  •  Unique User Experience:

    We craft unique customer experience through our innovative UI/UX designs, development and experience driven approach that envelopes effective service, unified functionality and user friendly effective solutions to establish strong relationship with the end-users.

  •  Online Engagement:

    Our online e-tourism solutions enables end customers to take advantage of the diversified digital media technologies such as video, audio, animations and photographs about our client’s services and hospitality management. Our solutions also engage with the process to integrate social media channels, like Twitter and Facebook, to extend the market to sell opportunities for our customers.

  •  Best Practices Adherence:

    Our solutions and services are built using best practices based on industry expertise, experience, adoption of latest technologies and innovations.

  •  Interactive and Responsive Personnel:

    Our team works as per your convenience and provides the prompt and proactive interactive support and response in timely manner

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