AlgoComputing offers DevOps consulting & DevOps services by employing the best tools of deployment, monitoring, logging and configuration management. We provide expertise in continuous integration & continuous delivery, automated testing, and customized infrastructure management services. We offer capabilities for enterprises to develop, build, test and deploy software across a variety of cloud environments including Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure along with on-premise environments. Our solutions automate, standardize and orchestrate development and operational tasks for continuous improvement. Whether it is infrastructure deployment, rigorous testing or application monitoring, we offer best-in-class developmental frameworks that are highly scalable and robust in nature.

Service Offerings

DevOps is a collaborative way of developing and deploying software. Our DevOps solutions help organizations to align with the goals, rapidly and reliably, producing high-quality software-based products and services. Therefore, automation is a critical element of DevOps. We offer:

  • Automated provisioning
  • Scaling up of servers within minutes
  • Elimination of server state mismatch
  • Bringing up servers in deploy real state

Our configuration management services help manage your code, automate your platforms and make your server and services ready for your consumers. We offer:

  • Elimination of configuration mismatch
  • Automated, error-free, faster configuration deployment
  • Single tool management for all environments
  • Configuration of activity reports

Code Inception and Continuous Integration are the key elements of a development practice. AlgoComputing DevOps solutions help you carry out integrations and improve team productivity as a whole. We offer:

  • Well-tested code
  • Improved code quality
  • Verified artifacts ready for deployment
  • High quality build and code reports

These days automating the deployment process has become a bare necessity. It not only makes companies more efficient and agile, but also cuts down on the production time and possible manual errors in configurations. We offer:

  • Automated, error-free, and faster deployment
  • Single click or continuous deployment
  • Single-tool deploying in all environments
  • Deployment metrics

DevOps Assessment and Strategy Planning

  • Assess the current state of DevOps culture, process, and tool chain and quantify your maturity model
  • Visualize the-desired state and create a roadmap
  • Identify traceable metrics

DevOps Pilot Framework and Tool Stack Construction

  • Create a pilot framework to implement the standard DevOps setup
  • Leverage your existing tools and integrate them with our strong ecosystem of open source and licensed tools in each step of agile delivery

Manage & End-to-End Implementation

  • Analyze, design, construct, automate and implement according to the needs identified for each project DevOps
  • Manage and enhance people skills, culture, process, tools, etc.

Our DevOps Goals

All big companies have adopted DevOps to achieve levels of performance that were unthinkable even few years ago. They are doing tens, hundreds or even thousands of code deployments per day while delivering world class stability, reliability and security.

DevOps addresses the following problems

  • Time-to-market and cycle times are excessively long
  • Frequent delays or excessive project downtime
  • Frequent self-inflicted environment and service issues
  • Too much of your budget is going to “run the business” activity and not enough on “grow the business” activity
  • Difficult or excessively costly to scale operations
  • Business opportunities are missed due to inflexibility

Our DevOps goals aim at improving working models, integration of different build and release processes so that working in soonest possible time can be ensured instead of waiting for long to have release of big sets of features to be delivered. This has many advantages like quick feedback from customers on the delivered features to improve better quality of software etc. which in turn leads to high customer satisfaction. In short our DevOps services focus on achieving.

DevOps addresses the following problems

  • Increased deployment frequency
  • Lower failure rate of new releases
  • Shortened lead time between fixes
  • Shorter down time and faster recovery

Aligns technical capabilities with your business goals

Our DevOps solutions empowers your organization’s technology to act as an enabler to react quicker to market forces and out-innovate the competition. Our DevOps enabled Web app world creates value for your organization that helps in achieving productivity and ROIs goals.

Unified technological system

Our DevOps services helps organization to view their technology facets as a collection of functional silos (Dev, QA, Ops, Security, etc.). Our DevOps driven approaches and thinking directs each part of your technology to be worked together as a unified system that adds specific capabilities to your business.

Continuous software delivery

Our DevOps solution allows your software development to be build, tested, prepared and released automatically in to production environment.

Focus on adding values

Most of the effort by an IT organization is spent in managing, controlling and maintaining the execution environment rather than focusing on the real core business values and functions. Our DevOps services relives you from the burdening of maintaining and managing IT infrastructure resources and allows you to focus on other valuable aspects of your business.

Faster discovery, reporting and resolution of issues

Our DevOps solutions enables you to discover and address bugs earlier before they grow into larger problems later when goes live in production environment. This is achieved through comprehensive testing environments that perform additional types of tests on your code. The discovery, reporting and fixes of bugs are released in an automated manner. Thus achieves performance effective and resource efficient environment in an organization.

Faster delivery of features

Our solutions enhance collaboration and communication amongst your existing teams as well and provides a fresh perspective on your processes transformation and tooling utilization. Our DevOps continuous delivery approach helps your team deliver updates to customers faster and more frequently. Continuous delivery helps your team deliver updates to customers faster and more frequently.

Simplification of complexities

Any software, product or application goes through software development lifecycle, testing lifecycle and specific release lifecycle. Each cycle comprises of its own complexities level and also have dependency on each other which adds on to the complexity further. Our DevOps solution allows seamless integration and automating of independent & interdependent workflows that provides simplification of complex environment.

Technical Competencies

Subject Area Tools
Static Code Analysis and Code Coverage Sonar Cube
Revision Control and Code Management Git, SVN, Clearcase, Subversion, Mercurial, Perforce
Continuous Automated Testing Selenium, JUNIT, Mokito, Jmeter, TestNG, Cucumber, RSpec
Software Configuration Management Chef, Puppet, Salt Stack, Syatem Centre, Ansible, CFEngin, Vagrant, Docker
Build and Deployment ANT, Maven
Release Engineering Jenkins, Bamboo
Bug Tracking JIRA, Bugzilla, Redmine, Trac, Mantis, eTraxis, BugNetx
Monitoring Nagios, Zabbix, Sensu, New Relic
Log Analysis Splunk, ELK
Cloud AWS, Azure
Virtualization Hyper-V, VMware
Databases Relational : Oracle, MySQL, MSSQL, PostgreSQL NoSQL : MongoDB, Apache Cassandra, CouchDB, HBase, Hypertable, Redis, Riak

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