A robust ERP system allows an organization to improve resource planning, increase productivity and facilitate flawless, collaborative and smooth functioning among different business operations. ERP systems have grown into central data repositories where transactional data in bulk is being collected, processed, analyzed and customized in an automated manner using different integrated modules. This helps enterprises to produce and access useful management information at any point of time as and when desired. In addition ERP systems improves and simplifies complex business processes that comprises of supply chain management, cross-departmental communication, third-party collaboration, communication and more.

AlgoComputing ERP development services empowers business to extend and experience greater control over their resources, time, manpower, quick turnaround to new opportunities and maximum gain. We achieve it by evaluating our client’s business related operations, areas, inter-dependency constraints and impact analysis of legacy applications. This analyzed information is then further utilized to bring improvised and productive dimensions to your business.

Our experts are masters in building the design of ERP aligned to your business needs which lessens upkeep expenses, influences the smooth execution and expand flexibility & scalability. We offer custom ERP development solutions for any nature of business applications.

Our agile delivery methodology provides capabilities to the clients to boost their control and management related to accounting & finances, services, sales, IT, customer relationship, manufacturing and human resources. Our functional modular solutions help you optimize efficiency across the complete value chain by making your business more attractive and responsive to customer relationship needs

  Accounting & Finance Management

  Planning & Procurement

  Sales & Marketing Management

  Payroll Management

  Production Management

  IT & Equipment Management

  Report & Analytics Management

  Performance Analysis

  Supply Chain Management

  •  Bring deeper visibility & control:

    All types of business are built upon numerous important processes which spans across various departments of an organization and different levels of management. Using our ERP solution you can gain deeper insight and control of resources and thus maximize your optimum utilization of resource with better planning directives and controls.

  •  Unified system:

    ERP system provides a unified and simple interface to manage, analyze the statistics, status, resources, planning entities, workflows, activities etc. and that too in real-time and can be capitalized upon across all functions and departments. This removes the need to buy individual departments software systems and thus save big chunk of money on cost front.

  •  Improved internal & cross functional communication:

    Our ERP helps in building up better communication within the company and among globally dispersed enterprise units. The sharing of customer data among cross functional departments enables various units to work as a team. This helps in increasing the company’s profitability and enables better service to customers.

  •  Data Analytics Intelligence:

    We use data analytical approach to develop business information intelligence that provide breaking down of information silos and renders ‘enterprise data stores’ to provide real-time insights. This boosts opportunities for financial organizations to cross-sell platforms and uplifts service excellence.

  •  Easy to Integrate & Modular:

    It offers advance ERP integration which can handle web-based order tracking/ processing and are built upon modular approach that consists various modules like Finance, Human Resource Management, Marketing/Sales etc.

  •  Secure, Scalable & Resilient:

    We centralized security policies and role bases access resources that brings a high level of security. Moreover due to the modular architecture, each module or as a whole system is scalable in nature. In addition it also facilitates centralized storage/back-up of all enterprise data on hourly, daily, weekly or at any specified interval basis.

  •  Automated and coherent workflow:

    Our ERP solutions provide automatization of existing workflows and processes from one department/function to another. This helps in smooth transition and quicker completion of processes and ensures all inter-departmental activities are properly tracked, managed and controlled.

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