AlgoComputing is a pioneer in developing smart solutions for the hospital management systems. Our experts are armed with high-end skills in developing and deploying diverse software disciplines with innovative and robust solutions. All solutions delivery are driven by excellence, focused at reduction of operational costs as well as efforts of our clients. We believe in rendering patient-centric solutions that are tailor made as per client requirements and equipped with better management and control abilities. Hospital Management solutions are required to design for multispecialty hospitals, to cover a wide range of hospital administration and management processes. It integrates end-to-end relevant information across various departments of the hospital to support effective decision making for patient care, hospital administration and critical financial accounting in a seamless flow. The hospital management solutions are heavily dependent on technology innovation to deliver the best-in-class care at efficient cost as well as handling of the complexity of existing operational systems and adapting dynamic competitive environments. AlgoComputing offers a range of solutions that are specifically custom-made to extend the medical facilities to larger patient base through the support of best-in-class technology solutions. Our expertise and experience in healthcare domain empowers you to build modern technology oriented hospitals with integrated processes, personnel and equipment to gain efficiencies, on-demand scaling facilities and improvised treatments that results in yielding higher patient satisfaction.

Our agile delivery methodology provides modular hospital management solutions which will help you optimize efficiency across the complete value chain by making your business more attractive, hassle free, quality service oriented and responsive to customer needs

Medical Services Management

Patient, Vendor & Partner Relationship Management

Administrative Rights Management

Invoice Management System

Feedback, Rating & Data Analytics Management

Drugs & Inventory Management

Clinical Management Systems

Online Health & Medical Records System

Patient & Doctor Management

  •  Intelligent Management:

    Our solutions provides complete assistance in patient, doctor, employee, drug and administrative management. In addition, it provides better coordination and streamline flow of information across various departments to support readily available and improve clinical decision making and efficient management of associative operations.

  •  Technological Advancement:

    Our solutions upgrades the existing hospital management system with latest technologies. For example our online appointment management system allows the hospital to facilitate online appointment system for patients instead of physical visit. Through online appointment management system hospital can send updates to the registered patients through SMS or email.

  •  Online Clinical Services:

    Our solutions integrates the hospital laboratories for the out and in-patient clinical online services to provide complete details of the test services that are available in the hospital such as X-ray, CBC test, and blood test and many other test services. It also manages the history of test details according to the registered patient name.

  •  Better Revenue Management:

    Our hospital management solutions assist hospital management to increase patient inflows, improve treatment outcomes, enhanced revenue and productivity and discover new channels of services delivery with utmost satisfaction.

  •  Mobility in Hospital Management:

    Our healthcare mobility solutions are focused on in and out patients to get them engaged with the relevant health care facility in hassle free manner. It also enables management to handle both medical personnel and patients in systematic flawless manner.

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