AlgoComputing has rich experience to provide a diverse range of web & mobile solutions that are designed to empower hotel management to deliver heartening experience. Our solutions are customized and specialized as per your requirements to meet your specific needs and helps increment the satisfaction quotient of the guests by providing them fine service experience. We empower our clients to leverage our analytical technical approach to identify and thrive their selling services opportunity. Hotel management system needs online booking engines that are connected with respective channel management systems of airlines, travelling sites, and other hotels. The hotel systems keep updating information on the availability of rooms, which is made available to the booking engines in real time. When a customer searches for hotel, he has latest and updated information based on which he can confirm his booking on the related interface. It also provides options for different payment modes. As soon as payment is done through the secure gateway and booking is confirmed, the information is updated instantly so that other users are updated of the remaining accommodation units. The system takes care of the accounting details and accommodations in the hotel. It also keeps track of the inventory in the hotel. Front office operations are handled efficiently that provide a unique experience to the visitors and online guests.

AlgoComputing offers a wide range of web modular solutions and services to develop hotel management system. These modules reflect the evolution of the hotel management system landscape and are designed based on the latest technologies.

  Enterprise Resource Planning

  Customer Relationship Management

  Booking & Reservation Management

  Billing and Payments

  Reports & Data Analytics Management

  Transport Management

  Sales Performance Management

  Tours and Packages Management

  Catering Procurement

  Point-of-Sales(POS) Systems Integration

  Inventory Management

  Promotion & Marketing Management

  User Management

  Rates Management


  •  Less Errors:

    Hospitality software are programmed to prevent duplicate entries, wrong data type inputs. Also provides text preservation when accidentally erased.

  •  Real-time results:

    Computers with high specifications plus a high performance hotel system would definitely give real-time results from any transactions like saving data inputs, updating and deleting of data entries.

  •  Accurate Daily Revenue Reports:

    Due to the real-time and error free features, hotel managers have access to an accurate daily revenue reports that can be either showed or printed.

  •  Intuitive and user-friendly:

    Our development solutions offer enriched experience in delivering customized hotel management applications for unique user experience that yields increased ROI with digital transformations of your deliverables.

  •  Secure, Scalable and Stable:

    Our solution offers secure, stable and scalable functionality which is capable of adapting dynamic environments such as accessing of crucial information over untrusted internet, payment transactions in secure way and capable of hosting larger online traffic volumes in case of online reservations.

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