We Offers Web Based POS System, that integrate with business to enhance the Business Operation – Edging the Business Process our POS frequently come with integrated accounting modules, including general ledger, purchasing, inventory control systems. In essence, a POS system is an all-in-one way to keep track of your business’s cash flow. Our POS Reporting capabilities include sales, Profit, and Cost by individual inventory items, by salesperson Special reports can include sales for each hour of the day for any time period.

An alternative to traditional Business record Keeping & Checking Out Methodology, POS systems offer advanced capabilities beyond the ability to collect payments. POS systems also automated ways to track sales, Investigate inventory, manage Users (Customers & Vendors) and streamline the accounting process.

Every business is unique; you may find that none of the off-the-shelf systems meets your requirements. We offers POS for Retail & Restaurants with the following features

  Fast checkout

  Inventory tracking

  Customer Data

  Automated Purchasing Program

  Capabilities for multiple location / Mobility

  Reporting tools

  Real time reports

  Digital Signage

  Shipping Integration

  •  Simplicity:

    Point of sale systems simplify the accounting process. Old fashioned cash registers force accountants to sort through hundreds of receipts, but with a point of sale system financial personnel can simply use the built in reports or create their own.

  •  Inventory Management:

    Unlike a cash register, a point of sale system often includes an overall inventory management system. Store owners can use a point of sale system to track their biggest sellers and reorder those products when stock gets low.

  •  Past Transactions:

    It is easy to look up past transactions. If you need to know how much you sold last Tuesday a point of sale system can give you that information in a snap. It would take many hours of laborious work to find the same answer using a cash register.

  •  Real Time Inventory:

    You can see real time inventory with a point of sale device, something that even the best cash registers simply cannot do. In fact, many companies have found that implementing a point of sale system virtually eliminates the need for a costly hand count.

  •  Cut Down on User Errors:

    Point of sale devices can cut down on user errors. Hitting a wrong key is always a risk when ringing a sale, but point of sale devices have built in checks to ensure that the information is entered accurately.

  •  Simplify Ordering Process:

    You can use a point of sale system to create your own purchase orders, eliminating an extra step in the ordering process. You can even automate the ordering process to make sure you never run out of your hottest selling products.

  •  Faster Service:

    Point of sale devices provide faster service than old fashioned cash registers. Every part of the process, from authorizing a credit card transaction to printing a customer receipt, is faster on a point of sale device.

  •  Informative Itemized Receipts:

    Customers receive more informative itemized receipts with a point of sale device. Many cash registers can only print the date and the amount of the sale, but since point of sale devices are tied into the inventory control system they can provide much more detailed information, including a description of the item, the list price and the sale price.

  •  Lower Maintenance Cost:

    The maintenance and repair costs are often much lower on a point of sale device than a cash register. The number of companies that repair cash registers is dwindling, and that means that repair costs can be rather high. There are many vendors who repair point of sale devices, and that can keep repair costs low.

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