Every company no matter what it specializes in needs properly organized business processes to survive in the conditions of global competition and the dynamical business environment. And it is essential for every company to have one whole ground that furnishes task-oriented movement. This basis is formed with company’s strategic goals. The adaptation of formalized project management methods allows not only to set the objectives for business and startups more reasonably but also to plan the investment activities in an optimal way and take possible risks into consideration. Also it helps to enhance efficiency of the available resources, avoid disputed situation, control performance to plan, gather and analyze actual performance data, and make adjustments when necessary. Project management software is a term covering many types of software, including scheduling, resource allocation, collaboration software, communication and documentation systems, which are used to deal with the complexities of large projects.

Project management software is a computer application designed to help with project planning and control of resources, costs and schedules of a project.

  Agile Resource Planning

  WorkLog Recording

  Issue Reporting

  Gantt Chart

  Project cloning

  Recurring Tasks

  Task dependencies

  Store old projects online

  Human Resource load balancing

  Sub-project capability

  Budget and expense tracking

  Calendar Integration

  •  Real time interaction with the team that runs the project:

    As a rule, project management systems contain communication tools that assure online communication with the team assigned to the project and every member of the team can treat things as they come in.

  •  Document flow:

    Allows the employees to edit and update the reports on the projects that involve large amount of paperwork.

  •  Management of projects prices:

    Is one of the most important advantages of project management. Generally, a project management software contains the functionality that helps to control project expenses.

  •  Capability to manage risks, expectations and budget:

    Risk identification, expectations formation, and budget tracking are one of the key benefits of project management systems.

  •  Reporting:

    With the usage of flexible reports format and the ability to access the required data, the project management system will help you to deliver the project on time.

  •  Simplicity in action:

    The custom software that includes admin panels practically doesn’t require special training or instructions before usage. A simple and intuitive interface of management system will enable fast interaction and consequently the capacity increase.

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