"Bringing together the desktop and web with .NET framework and making the entire range of computing devices work together and to have user information automatically updated and synchronized on all of them"

AlgoComputing is a leading .NET application development company. We develop best in class web applications and are well known for developing cutting edge .NET applications. We have a dedicated and passionate team of developers who can handle any complex requirement and deliver products of highest quality. We have experience in handling medium to large scale applications and have delivered products to client's satisfaction.

Components of .NET framework
Common Language Runtime (CLR)

It provides an environment to run all the .Net Programs. Programmatically, when our program needs memory, CLR allocates the memory for scope and de-allocates the memory if the scope is completed.

.Net Framework Class Library (FCL)

This is also called as Base Class Library and it is common for all types of applications i.e. the way you access the Library Classes and Methods in VB.NET will be the same in C#, and it is common for all other languages in .NET.

Common Type System (CTS)

CTS ensures that objects written in different .Net languages can interact with each other.

Common Language Specification (CLS)

It is a sub set of CTS and it specifies a set of rules that needs to be adhered or satisfied by all language compilers targeting CLR. It helps in cross language inheritance and cross language debugging.

  Consistent programming model

.Net supports over 70 programming languages and any language can inter communicate with the other language freely.

  Easy application deployment and Maintenance

.NET helps in rapid application development. It is very easy to deploy and maintain.

  Managed Code

Managed code is simply code written to execute in the .NET environment. Managed code offers a few benefits in terms of integrated security, type-safe code, and automatic memory allocation and deallocation.

  Cross-Language Operation

It is now possible to have C#, managed C++, and VB.NET code in the same module.

  Less Coding and Increased Reuse of Code

.NET consists of re-usable code and many re-usable components. This translates into less time and consequently less cost to develop applications.


Managed code and CLR offer safeguard features such as role-based security and code access security.

Custom Development

We offer custom .NET web solutions that are customized as per your business requirements and empowers you with adaptable, versatile product which is easy to operate and maintain.

Requirement analysis

The success of the project greatly depends on the accuracy of requirement analysis. We at AlgoComputing has a strong team of business analysts we are well experienced in requirement gathering and analysis.

.NET migration services

AlgoComputing has years of experience & expertise of migration and porting of applications from other legacy technology application platforms on to the modern .NET to get leverage of its high end quality and seamless functionality features.

Maintenance & Enhancement Support

We offer .NET based web application maintenance support round the clock (24 X 7 X 365) as per your needs and do provide feature enhancement support to your exiting .NET applications as per your requirements.

Enterprise Customized Applications

B2B/B2C platform

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Web APIs

ERP Management

Social & Web Media Applications

Mobile Friendly Web Applications

Business Intelligence & Reporting

Dedicated Team

At AlgoComputing, we are specialized in building Android based mobile applications.

High Quality App

We understand your requirements thoroughly and deliver your vision via converting them into high end quality applications.

Latest Technology

We leverage the latest available technology and features to create mobile applications that fulfills all your needs.


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