"Build a dynamic object-oriented web application based on GRAILS to exploit the fundamental strengths of Java and leveraging edge of its pre-build additional features and framework"

It is an open source web framework built on two pillars i.e. Groovy and Java. Its a powerful Groovy-based web application framework for the JVM built on top of Spring Boot. Groovy is a dynamic, object-oriented language for the Java Virtual Machine, which builds on the strengths of Java but its additional features inspired from languages such as Python, Ruby, and Smalltalk. Groovy is an aggressively dynamic programming language that helps in magnifying the productivity of the developers leading to far better and extravagant results. Grails is JVM’s retaliation to the Rails and Django web frameworks, enabling developers to build applications rapidly. Grails is an independent development environment that can tuck away all configuration details and allow integration of Java business logic. It gives easy-to-use tools to build web applications in Groovy. It is made with the intention to be a highly productive framework by following the “coding by convention”, sensible defaults and opinionated APIs paradigm.

Battle Tested and Proven Java Frameworks

Grails core underlying technologies & frameworks (such as Spring, Hibernate, SiteMesh, Quartz, Integrated ORM, NO SQL, DSL etc. ) are very powerful and have been in existence from a long time and serving a very huge user base in production environment.

Easy to Onboard

Applications running or intended to run on Java platform already includes the core component features of Grail and makes it easy for a Grail developer to get started experiencing the joy of web-application development with Grails.

Clear Environment Segregation

Grails allows flexibility to manage environment specific configuration (for example, production environment passwords, properties, configurable variable inputs etc. ) either as a part of the code base or externalizing the configuration as per the end user need.

Standard Template & Artifacts

Grails projects are easier to maintain because they follows naming conventions and standard project structure. This makes very easy for maintainers of any existing or new Grails project to get familiar with the code flow quickly and helps speeding up task completion.

Modular Plugin Approach

Grails promotes reuse of code by adapting plugins (which can be enhanced) based modular development approach for web applications. Its plugin-centric development approach enforces clear separation of concerns and make the application module code base more reusable by eliminating unwanted redundancy & coupling in code.

Customized Solutions

Our Grails Developers delivers high quality web applications that can be dispatched in a thoroughly customized manner based on your needs and flexibility with the clause of added customization tendered as and when needed.

Plugin, Module & Interface Development

Our Grail developers are always eager to take on any new plugin or module or APIs development according to your domain & ideas. We are experienced & expertised both in deploying Grails principles & sanity of development infusion in your solution along with our learning & findings earned by investing years of efforts in this domain.

Maintenance & Support

At AlgoComputing, we offer complete maintenance & support of existing Grails applications or solution. During this course of action we believe in bringing value addition to your product our expertise in this arena and left no stone unturned in our efforts to improvise your application to the nearest possible level of perfection.

Migration, Integration & Enhancement

Our Grails development team is highly skilled in transforming any of your legacy web application in to Grails application and provides a smooth integration of your third party java/non-java web applications interfacing with the new or existing Grails application.

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