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Hybrid applications are the application programs that are developed with an intent for use on cross platforms that is same application can run on Android and iOS platform. Hybrid mobile applications are developed in a similar manner as websites. Both use a combination of web technologies like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. However, hybrid applications target a web view to be hosted inside a native container instead of targeting a mobile browser. This enables hybrid apps to do things like access hardware capabilities of the mobile device. Hybrid application asset technologies like HTML, CSS, JavaScript are made available through Apache Cordova framework to target platform SDKs such as iOS or Android. Hybrid applications can run like any other kind of application on the device but with the flexibility to run on any platform.

  • Platform Independent

    It offers Platform independence and portability of same code over cross platform operating environment. This means that same app code base can run on multiple platforms, so portability is inherently built.

  • Offline Use

    Hybrid mobile apps use the device’s API to store some data offline. That’s a big advantage for customers who are watching data costs or have poor connectivity.

  • Cost Efficient

    Choosing hybrid app will reduce your development cost as compared to multiple native apps development to be carried out for each of the target platform.

  • Rich User Experience

    Hybrid apps allow your customers to experience the capabilities of their individual mobile device while using an app that’s basically standard. In case the app needs to be updated, a single update will fix the app on all platforms, again improving the UX for customers and if customers change from one mobile platform to another, they can still enjoy a consistent UX.

  • Cleaner markup / Improved Code

    Hybrid mobile apps use the mobile device’s own programming to keep it in sync with other mobile apps, via a wrapper or overlay. That means it will work well with GPS, cameras, messaging and other device information to provide a better service to your customers.

Productive & efficient

Our aim is to enable you to function in the most productive and efficient manner. Our developers are inquisitive geeks whose expertise in hybrid app domain is unparalleled and unmatched.

Cost effective & success driven

Our development services covers an unbounded range of hybrid app features that will reduce your development cost as compared to multiple native apps development to be carried out for each of the target platform.

Target Market Solutions

We build hybrid app solutions keeping in mind your target market, driving interests, dependent factors to engage your customers in more meaningful way. So that it results in more growing opportunities for your business.

Expert View

We provide high-end quality Hybrid application development solutions after understanding your requirements and planning them to live up to your expectations. We have domain expertise in various application segments such as social networking websites, CRM, CMS, web calendars, accounting software, IT, Telecom, Networking and payment gateways, thus know well in advance what suits best to your business requirements.

User experience & attractive designs

We offer impressive design creation and development services which are equipped with latest UI/UX techniques.

Tailor-made solutions

We serve our clients with better market perspective and most suitable solution crafted using years of experience.

Technology Competencies


HTML5, Css, Javascript, jQuery, Angularjs


PhoneGap, Appcelerator Titanium, Sencha touch, jQuery Mobile, Xmarain, Ionic

Operating System

Android, iOS, BlackBerry OS,Windows

Cross-Platform Solutions

Our experience to work phenomenally with cross-platform solutions for our customers that focuses on applying the least changes and following the simplified technique in the hybrid app development arena.

Extensive Exposure

With our advanced resources and extensive exposure to the hybrid platform, we have gained strong expertise and years of experience in leveraging various hybrid app frameworks such as Sencha, PhoneGap, Titanium, Ionic, Jquery Mobile, Cordova etc. to deliver high quality hybrid solutions that minimizes your overhead cost and maximizes the customer reach and growth.

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