PhoneGap is an opensource and simplest cross-platform framework. It allows creating mobile apps utilizing Web APIs, i.e. it wraps up web applications in a native app shell and then implements them in native stores for different platforms. It uses a cloud-based service called ‘Build’ with which you can compile apps for several operating systems without the need to install SDKs of each platform.

The core of Apache Cordova applications uses CSS3 and HTML5 for their rendering and JavaScript for their logic. HTML5 provides access to underlying hardware such as the accelerometer, camera, and GPS. However, browsers' support for HTML5-based device access is not consistent across mobile browsers, particularly older versions of Android. To overcome these limitations, Apache Cordova embeds the HTML5 code inside a native WebView on the device, using a foreign function interface to access the native resources of it.

This mobile app development framework is highly preferred by the entrepreneurs for building cost-effective mobile applications while it is helpful to the developer in incorporation of new options without presenting any issues. Here at AlgoComputing we have adept and dedicated PhoneGap developers offering brilliant custom cross platform mobile application development services.

open source

Open Source

Cross Platform Compatibility

Single Codebase

Any body with knowledge of CSS, HTML5 and javascript can start developing

Cost Effective

No Additional Training

Easy and Fast Deployment

Tester need to only focus on UI testing

We are experts at creating intuitive UI/UX design for cross platform apps that work like native apps. Also, they will keep your users coming back for more.

Our mobile team is adept at testing the compatibility of cross platforms apps on all major mobile OS like Android, iOS, Windows, etc.

We integrate mobile applications with smart devices for geotargeting, health monitoring, augmented reality, and more.

If you want to port your PhoneGap application to iOS or Android, our mobile app team can do it with ease and the best possible utilization of reusable code.

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PhoneGap Business App Development

PhoneGap App Testing

PhoneGap App Integration

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